How to find your home's style when you have none!

Experiment with an Eclectic Mix.
A melding of styles is a rewarding fix!

Nailing down your personal design style may take some analyzing! If you are not 100% traditional or contemporary, then you may find that an Eclectic blend is perfect:

• Eclectic combines styles and periods to embrace comfort
• Lends a sense of history to your rooms when antiques and primitives are mixed in
• Has a relaxed and very personal look
• Adds mini-focal points to your rooms with surprising pieces
• Benefits from a variety of patterns and prints to enhance the look
• Tends to be the most inviting style of all!

You’ll want to begin by bringing together all your well-loved items. Now determine if you want a casual look or a slightly more formal one. Will this room support a multi-purpose scenario? In the Living Room this might mean a wonderful small writing desk, a library table to serve as a game table, or a piano to double as the music room. Set the perimeter of the rooms’ function and offer comfortable seating options to fit in with your casual or formal style.

The trick is to arrange and display your items in a way that creates harmony with your disconnected pieces. Let your personality guide you and your eyes judge the effects as you abide by these Designers’ Principles:

1. Balance: height, visual weight, and color contribute both vertically and horizontally for good balance around your rooms
2. Emphasis: repeat your selected styles and colors for emphasis and drama
3. Harmony: blend and mix styles and accessories as the constant theme throughout
4. Proportion & Scale: the relationship between items measures the perceived total weight of the vignette
5. Rhythm: continuity of color, texture, patterns and shapes create a tempo around your room

Sounds confusing? Color and furniture must be evenly distributed around the room for good balance. You’ve seen the huge lamp on the too-small table that’s out of scale. You know that a thin spindly chair often looks lost next to one that is heavy and upholstered, distorting the proportions of each. Like-objects must complement each other for harmony. Bright color sprinkled around the room can create a lively rhythm while soft colors create a slower more graceful rhythm. Dark wood tones and bright colors are also dominate and become the emphasis!

Remember shiny fabrics or velvet types are more formal, while textures, plaids, and patterns tend to be more casual.

You determine the feeling you want for your rooms and build on it with your personal treasures,
carefully distributing them for drama. A home with personality is the reward in a well-thought out Eclectic scheme!