'Tis the Season to Clean Up

Funny how a change of season points out our decorating demons as well as our hopes for a new look. This is an excellent time of year to prepare for winter by ridding our homes of the last vestiges of summer:

Start with these questions:

• Is it beautiful, is it meaningful, or is it useful? If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, toss it!
• Do I need storage? Look for beautiful chests, trunks, and furniture pieces that serve double duty with storage options. Replace with pieces that stash!
• Do my rooms look too “summery”? Ditch the pastels and warm up your palette with hot colors: yellow, red, orange and the earthier tones of gold, burgundy, and rust.
• Are my plants limp? Get rid of your wispy leggy plants now and replace them with hearty healthy green plants displayed in heavy colored pots or baskets.

Think ahead to fireplaces, snuggly sweaters, and afghans to curl up in. Be on the lookout for a wonderful throw that adds color and function to your main living area.

Replace any “too small and too flat” accent pillows on your sofa. Remember, big and bold add design punch to your grouping and to your room! Patterns, textures, and color are all-important elements to mix together for an interesting and colorful statement. This is a really simple way to make a big design impact.

Keep small items like the remote controls and TV schedules stored in baskets or decorative boxes for an organized look. Fill your bookcases with books for the cold evenings ahead - bookshelves without books look naked! Stack them, line them up, and lean them on each other, but pack them in. Now arrange photos, candles, and treasures among the books for fun! This lends a library feel to ordinary bookcases and you’ll achieve a cozy look for winter.

Show off your personality from the front door and throughout. Look carefully at each room and access the shortcomings – now do something about them. Be brave with color and be proactive when cleaning and clearing. An organized home is calming and nothing feels better than change to welcome a new season!